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The path to become a Pinnacle Member begins with our Certified Business Exit Consultant® Course. Starting in 2013, we made the decision as a company to limit our Pinnacle Membership and the access to our licensed content to only those advisors who commit to our week long Certification course. The reason for this change was to protect the integrity of the Pinnacle brand and the CBEC® designation. By requiring that an advisor attend our Certification course in order to become a Pinnacle Member, we can ensure that any advisor that is using Pinnacle's licensed content in the marketplace has completed our extensive prerequisite course work and been through our week long training. Protecting the Pinnacle brand not only strengthens Pinnacle as a company but, more importantly, it protects the investment of all Pinnacle Members by (a) limiting the number of advisors using Pinnacle content in the marketplace and (b) increasing the awareness of the CBEC® designation as the premier exit planning designation.

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What is Pinnacle's Membership Program?

Pinnacle's Membership provides advisors with access to our vast library of content and tools and gives the advisor a license to use that content in their business activity. Our Membership program is designed for professional advisors who want a turn-key solution to adding exit planning to their practice. As a Pinnacle Member, advisors have access to the following content and tools:

  • Customizable Newsletters
  • White Papers
  • Presentation Materials and Training
  • Marketing Videos
  • Spotlight Guest Interviews
  • Plan Writing Software
  • Lead Lists
  • Monthly Training Calls
  • Case Studies
  • Networking Events
  • Coaching Calls
  • Plan Writing Support and Training

As a Pinnacle Member, advisors will have a license to use Pinnacle's copyrighted material to market themselves, engage owners, and deliver exit planning solutions in the marketplace.

How to Become a Pinnacle Member

Once accepted into Pinnacle's Certified Business Exit Consultant® course, you may become a Pinnacle Member – meaning you do not have to wait until you have completed the Certification course to open up your Membership. Many advisors elect to open their Membership once they are accepted into the CBEC® course in order to gain access to Pinnacle's extensive content library and plan support tools before they attend the course. There are many benefits to becoming a Pinnacle Member before attending the course:

  • Market Yourself as an Exit Planner - Pinnacle's Member content library has more than 150 newsletters available for advisors to customize with their company logo and contact information. As a Pinnacle Member, advisors who have been accepted into the CBEC® course can use these newsletters to prospect business owners and create a marketing campaign advertising themselves as an exit planner in the marketplace.
  • Deliver Presentations to Business Owners - As a Pinnacle Member, advisors will have access to presentation materials used by hundreds of advisors to present to business owners and deliver the exit planning message. In addition to the slides provided, advisors will also have access to a video that provides tips on how to successfully deliver the presentation to owners.
  • Access Pinnacle's ESS Summary Report Software - Pinnacle's ESS Summary Report Software is our new plan writing software. This software enables an advisor to deliver a twenty-five (25) page report that answers five (5) key questions for the business owner;
    1. What value do I need to get out of my exit to fulfill my personal financial goals?
    2. What is my business worth?
    3. When can I expect to get paid from the transaction?
    4. What will I pay in taxes and what will I net from the transaction?
    5. Is this enough for me to live on?
    In addition to gaining access to the software, Pinnacle Members have access to tools to help market this ESS Summary Report to their business owner clients and prospects. These tools include;
    • Customizable marketing brochures
    • Customizable marketing video
    • Sample ESS Summary Report
    • Sample engagement agreement
    • Document gathering list
    • And more…

By having access to all of this material (and much more) before attending the Certification course, an advisor can position themselves as an exit planner in the marketplace with industry leading content, prospect owners with Pinnacle's marketing and presentation material, and potentially solidify an exit planning engagement all before coming to the Certification course. Then, once the advisor has completed the week long training, they can go back to the owners they have prospected (or engaged) and use this knowledge to deliver solutions and bring value to their clients.

For more information on Pinnacle's Membership, please call our office at 781-821-2608 or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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