Exit Planning Membership

Our Membership program is designed for professional advisors who want a turn-key solution to adding exit planning to their practice.

Member Access & License to Use Pinnacle's Intellectual Property

One of the most important features of Pinnacle's Membership is the access that you gain to our proprietary intellectual property. Over 100 advisors are using our newsletters, white papers, presentation materials, monthly training calls, engagement agreements and deliverables to continue learning, to market exit planning and to deliver exit plans to business owners around the country. Over four (4) years, Pinnacle has accumulated a more than 140 hours of recorded trainings, over 100 newsletters as well as market-leading deliverables for your profitable use.

Plan Writing Support

Your Membership includes access to our online plan writing tools and support service. Pinnacle online plan writing tools are designed to facilitate the production of your exit plans for your owners. We have a software program that produces our proprietary Exit Strategies Solutions™ Reports for our Members. The plan writing process is accompanied by our office support to assure that your exit plans are completed on time and to your satisfaction.

Pinnacle's Online Content Library

Pinnacle's online content library holds all of our highly valuable content. This password protected site grants our Members access to our content for use in their practice as well as for ongoing review of prior training calls, newsletter lessons, case studies, practice management calls, spotlight guest interviews, as well as other additional content that will assist you in growing your practice and serving business owners.


Every quarter, Pinnacle creates and releases six (6) new exit planning newsletters. With more than 100 proprietary newsletters to date, Pinnacle provides our Members with a vast array of topics. The basic strategy is for advisors to distribute these exit planning newsletters to business owners (as well as other advisors and centers of influence) to promote exit planning and their commitment to the practice. With new content produced on an ongoing basis, Pinnacle's Members are always at the leading edge of the exit planning marketplace and with delivering timely and relevant content to the people that our Members want to do business with.

Every newsletter that is created and distributed to the Membership is accompanied by a training call which describes the newsletter content, why the newsletter was written, and the key talking points that an advisor can use to discuss the message in the newsletter with owners or other advisors who read and comment it. Recordings of more than 100 newsletter trainings are stored on Pinnacle's content library for our Members to review at their leisure.

Pinnacle's newsletters can be automatically distributed on your online stationery. In this way, Pinnacle serves not only as your provider of content and training but also as your back-office marketing arm to assure consistency in the delivery of this content to the marketplace. Many Pinnacle Members automate the delivery of the newsletters by setting up the plan of distribution with Pinnacle. When this is completed, our Members only need to log-in to their online account and add new names to their e-mail newsletter distribution lists – Pinnacle does the rest. Pinnacle knows that our Members are busy running their primary businesses so we offer this service to assist your overall marketing and to help you consistently promote the exit planning message to the marketplace to grow your practice.

White Papers

Pinnacle's White Papers are longer versions of our newsletters which offer a more in-depth study of various topics that are of interest to business owners as well as other advisors who you may want to partner with to grow your practice. For example, Pinnacle's recent White Paper on ‘How Exit Planners and Merger and Acquisitions Professionals Can Team Up to Deliver Combined Solutions to Exiting Owners' offers suggestions on how the exit planning process and the M&A process are synergistic and are needed by many owners in the marketplace today. Although the sale of a business is a distinct process that is handled by M&A professionals, this paper highlights how working together can benefit the marketplace of owners.

Other papers address owners taking personal expenses out of their businesses as well as various other topics relating to the owners challenges with their exit. Our Pinnacle Members use these white papers as educational tools as they bring their business owner clients and prospects through the exit planning process. They are another valuable tool in the marketing and implementation of your exit planning business.

Breakfast Presentation

Beyond providing newsletters and white papers, many of our Pinnacle Members recognize the need to make live presentations to both business owners and other advisors to promote their exit planning practices. Pinnacle's breakfast presentation is an eighty (80) slide Powerpoint presentation that describes Pinnacle's 6-step exit planning process in a logical manner. Our Members customize this presentation to highlight their particular areas of expertise while impressing upon the audience the importance of planning for a business exit. The Pinnacle 6-step process offers a system so that the attendees can see logic and order to the complex world of exit planning. This presentation also sets that stage for engagements which follow the same process.

Marketing Video

To further promote your exit planning practice to the world, Pinnacle offers a customized, online video presentation for you to feature on your website. Visitors can review this professionally created video and learn about the exit planning process. The video can be customized with your firm's information, further differentiating yourself in this field of exit planning.

Data Room Access

Our Members also enjoy the benefit of having complimentary access to our online data-room for storage of your client's vital documents. Pinnacle has contracted with our on-line storage provider to allow any number of online rooms to our Members at no additional cost to you. Once again, our active Members are gathering documents from clients for their exit plans and have a need for the secure storage and organization of these vital documents. Access to the online data-room is the answer to this administrative challenge. Our Members also enjoy the benefit of received administrative and office support for uploading client documents to the data-room provided.

Lead Lists

To assist you in finding business owners to work with on exit plans, Pinnacle also offers all of our Members a lead list of up to 100 business owners in your local markets. Every year Pinnacle invests in leading data-base research subscriptions to assure that your lead lists are current with the most up-to-date information. In this way, we offer you not only the content and materials to engage owners about planning for their exit, but we also provide you with names of owners in your local market who are likely to be interested in this service.



Pinnacle's Ongoing Monthly training sessions are in place to keep you informed, connected, and networked within our growing Membership. All monthly training calls are recorded for our Members and stored in our online exit planning content library in the event that you cannot participate in the live session. In addition, every month our calls are recorded to CD's and are mailed to each Member – along with a transcription of the call – to allow you to review them on your schedule. Many of our Pinnacle Members routinely report to our office that the CDs are always with them in their cars and they listen to the recordings while driving to and from appointments.

Pinnacle's monthly training calls cover a wide array of topics, including:

  • Practice Management calls
  • Spotlight Guest Interviews
  • Quarterly Newsletter Calls
  • Quarterly Case Study Introductions and Member-Submissions

Practice Management Calls

Pinnacle's practice management calls offer our Members continued guidance on how to engage the marketplace of owners, as well as how to work collectively as advisory teams to grow your exit planning practice. We routinely offer advice from marketing and sales experts, as well as calls from our leading exit planners on what is working in the marketplace and how these advisors are using exit planning to grow their practices.

Spotlight Guest Interviews

Our Spotlight guest interviews feature in-depth interviews with thought leaders in the exit planning marketplace. Pinnacle interviews authors, content experts, professional speakers, thought leaders, as well as other Members who have innovative and thought-provoking content to share with our group. John Leonetti personally conducts all of these interviews to bring you the most current content and up-to-date resources for your practice.

Many of our Pinnacle Members routinely report in the usefulness that they received from the Spotlight guest interviews, including using the resources that we introduce them to in their practices.

Case Studies

Every quarter, Pinnacle produces a case study for the Membership. The case studies address topics that are important to the growing exit planning field. These case study topics are timely and relevant and are wonderful complements to our existing training, licensing and support program. The case studies are 'solved' by our existing Members every quarter. This means that our Membership is encouraged to submit a ‘solution' to the case study that is derived from that Members' specific expertise. By having Pinnacle's Members provide 'solutions' to the case studies, we get to tap into the deep pool of expertise amongst our senior-level Membership to learn from each other's perspectives. In addition, the Members who do submit a solution to the case are in a wonderful position to market their businesses to hundreds of other advisors.

Like all monthly training calls, our case studies are sent by CD and transcript to all of our Members. In addition, the case studies are used at our sixteen (16) National Exit Planning Chapter meetings for the 2nd half of the Chapter Meeting Case Study Discussion. Pinnacle's chapter leaders engage and guide the audience through the facts illustrated in the case, furthering the local networking sessions. Copies of our Member 'solutions' are offered to the chapter leaders for distribution to the chapter guests, further promoting the businesses of our Members to hundreds of other advisors around the country.


Another key feature to Pinnacle's Membership is the community of senior-level advisors who have joined our +110 advisor Membership in the past three (3) years. These advisors recognize that it takes a team to execute owner exits and they are committed to networking in teams to build their practices. We offer exclusive access for Members to connect with each other through our Annual Conference (Member-only Meeting) and through our Member Directory and our Member-only LinkedIn Group. The Pinnacle network of advisors is very strong and constantly growing. We strongly encourage our Members to connect with each other to be of assistance in growing each other's businesses. Our office is routinely receiving praise for the connections that Pinnacle makes amongst our Members and our larger community of advisors.

Listing of Your Company Name and Information on Pinnacle's site

Pinnacle offers all of our Members a listing on our Pinnacle homepage under ‘Find an Exit Planner'. By having your company featured on Pinnacle's home page, you are in a position to be recognized as a leader in the emerging field of exit planning. In addition, Pinnacle is constantly improving our marketing efforts towards business owners who need to do exit planning. These business owners are in a position to find your name on our site to call you for their exit planning needs. In this way, we are continually working to bring profitable results to our Members by connecting them with other advisors as well as with business owners.

Online Member Directory

The Pinnacle online directory keeps a current listing of all of our Members for your easy access and review.

Pinnacle Members-Only LinkedIn Group

Our Pinnacle Membership shares an exclusive, Member-only LinkedIn group for continual discussion and connection of our Members.


Pinnacle's Office and Staff are committed to your success and are ready to assist you with any level of support for your practice. Our six (6) person boutique business exists to assist you with being more successful with your practice. Pinnacle's core value of 'helping others' will become immediately apparent when you call in for assistance. Whether you want to learn more, or you are just getting started with our Membership, or you are prospecting owners or writing your first exit (or 10th) exit plan, our staff is committed to your success and we welcome your calls at all times.

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