Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pinnacle Equity Solutions?

Pinnacle Equity Solutions is a membership-based company that works with advisors who are interested in incorporating Business Exit Strategy planning into their practice.

What type of advisor can benefit from your membership?

Our memberships are not just for financial advisors. Insurance advisors, estate planners, attorneys, accountants, and virtually any other advisor who works closely with business owners can benefit from the education and tools available through our memberships.

I am too busy to go looking for new business right now. Why should I be talking to you?

Business owner clients are some of the best and most loyal clients that an advisor can have. Many of these business owners may already be your clients or prospects. You, therefore, are in a unique position to become a resource, raising your "trusted adviser" status with clients and generating fees by giving this advice.

Is there a presentation we can access to present to business owners?

Yes, we have several Powerpoint presentations that can be customized by you to present the topic of business exit strategy planning to your clients and prospects.

Do you provide leads to business owners?

Yes. We have a database program that will allow us to gather business leads in your area that we can pass along to you for contact.

Do you sell businesses?

No. Pinnacle is not a business broker. We simply educate advisors on the options that they can bring to their clients. Selling is just one option.

Will your materials be accepted for distribution to my clients by my Broker Dealer's compliance department?

We write all of our newsletters and materials in a general manner as to make the compliance process easier for you.

This isn't what I do. I specialize in investments - this is something an investment banker or business broker should do.

Quite to the contrary, the transaction specialists are only focused on a specific transaction. You give unbiased exit advice and get paid on a recurring basis as opposed to the transaction specialist who has one way to get paid and directs the business owner down that path to indeed get paid. And they only get paid that one time. You should be the person to start the conversation. When the time is right, then you bring in the transaction specialist.

I don't have the time.

All of our monthly training and conference calls are recorded and archived on our website so you can listen to them at your own convenience. Also, we ghostwrite the Exit Strategies newsletter for you to send out to your clients and prospects twice a month. You just simply customize with your company information and logo and they are ready to send out.

You also may be interested in one of our 2-day Exit Strategies Training Workshops - held various times throughout the year. This 2-day crash course will give an overview of everything you need to know about incorporating exit planning into your practice. We will be covering the entire 12-month course in these 2 days, as well as other general topics to assist you in your practice.

How do I sign up for membership?

To sign up for our Pinnacle's Membership, please give us a call at 781-821-2608.

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