About Pinnacle Equity Solutions, Inc.

Pinnacle Equity Solutions was formed on the belief that privately-held business owners need an improved process for planning for their business transition and exit. There is a gap between traditional business brokers / mergers and acquisitions services and those offered by personal advisors such as financial, insurance, CPAs and attorneys. A business exit is both a personal and a business decision. Pinnacle believes that any transaction that is being contemplated should be accompanied by a comprehensive planning process to assure that the right decisions are made.

The owner-operator of a private business will struggle with knowing the best, or even the right way to exit. As a result, Pinnacle offers solutions directly to owners as well as training and certification programs to the professional advisors who serve them.

Pinnacle's Origins

John Leonetti is the author of the leading exit planning book titled Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth – A Strategic Guide for Owners and Their Advisors. John owns and runs Pinnacle with his team of five employees. His passion for helping business owners lead John to sell the wealth management business that he built from scratch and has been focusing on Pinnacle’s growth since late 2007. His efforts have helped to fuel the emerging exit planning profession and the 6-step process that he developed is leading the industry and helping hundreds of owners attain better results with the planning of the largest financial transaction of their lives.

The name ‘Pinnacle’ actually derives from the analogy of a business owner who has reached the top of a mountain of success. Like Sir Edmund Hillary who was the first Westerner to reach the summit of Mount Everest, it was not the climb that made Hillary famous. After all, many had reached the top before him. But, in fact, it was Hillary’s unique ability to survive the descent of the mountain which made him famous. The analogy is striking for many privately-held business owners who have climbed a mountain of success in their privately-held business but often give little thought as to how to safely descend.

With the majority of an owner’s wealth tied to their illiquid business, and millions of baby boomer owners marching towards retirement, Pinnacle stands alone in our passion and commitment to helping owners and their advisors learn about the ways to safely and securely exit their illiquid businesses.

Pinnacle's Unique 6-Step Process

When an owner is confronted with planning for their exit, they will invariably struggle with the complications of planning such an event. After working with hundreds of privately-held business owners, John Leonetti developed a 6-step process to assist virtually any owner with planning for their exit. John’s Exiting Your Business, Protecting Your Wealth book outlines this 6-step process. Pinnacle’s training and Certified Business Exit Consultant® program expand upon this process to deliver to owners a process-based solution that assures an organized approach to this complex level of planning. Pinnacle’s engagement agreement and Exit Strategies Solutions (ESS) Reports for owners also follow this process, keeping the engagement with owners organized and effective towards meeting each owner’s customized goals.

Pinnacle's Core Values

  1. Excellence

    We believe that there is a genuine need for objective advice delivered to exiting owners who are experiencing an exit transaction. Excellence reflects a desire to deliver the optimal solutions to owners.

  2. Education

    Our training and Certification programs for professional advisors are leaders in the marketplace. In addition, our advisor licensing and support Membership is focused on continually educating the advisors who deliver this service into the marketplace of owners on a regular basis.

  3. Integrity

    At Pinnacle this word is easy to define – it simply means that ‘you do what you say you are going to do.’ As simple as this may sound, today’s business environment can often make this confusing for owners to get the right information when they need it most. Integrity is about delivering solutions to owners that focus on the owner’s needs, not the desires of the advisor serving them.

  4. Creativity

    A business owner cannot successfully exit their business without creative thinking. So many owners are stuck in the paradigm of running their business without any thought as to how they will successfully transition. By combining different ideas and applying them to owner situations, creative and customized solutions are delivered on a consistent basis.

  5. Helping Others

    The core of Pinnacle’s business is assisting owners with their unique needs in this highly specialized practice area. The Pinnacle company is on a mission to reach as many owners as we can through our direct efforts as well as through our advisor training, licensing and Certification programs. We empower advisors and owners to get the help that they need to be effective with this special planning area.

Pinnacle's Offerings

  • Membership and Training Programs
  • Certified Business Exit Consultant®
  • Business Owner Exit Planning Services
  • Exit Planning Networking / Chapter Events
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